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About Elind

The Main purpose of people going to a psychic for predictions is to help identify their most likely future event, and how their present manifests the outcome of it. Psychic Readings do help straighten out our minds of uncertainties ahead of our life, and give us a sense of peace and oneness. This is the main purpose people seek out accurate psychics. The ability to read psychic energy's is part of the psychic perception of clairvoyance meaning "clear seeing" which may manifest in internal or external visions, or sensing images. Clairaudiency meaning "clear hearing" is the ability to hear sounds, music, and voices not audible to normal hearing.

Psychic Elind (Melinda) has been seeing, feeling, and sensing spirits since she was born, but it wasn't till she was in her teens that she learned to communicate with souls in the spirit world. Connecting with spirit guides is the ability as a Psychic or Spiritual Medium to connect to a non-physical entity, usually percieved as the higher-self, and angel, a highly evolved being, or a group of minds, or spirits in the afterlife. When she finally embraced her gift, she decided to devote her gift to use it to deliver healing messages that help people learn, grow, and embrace life. The purpose of a spirit guide is to help protect you and assist you in your own spiritual development and provide you with your own inspiration. Your own Heart will give you subtle feelings about the best path for you to take.

She is also a Professional Registered Psychotherapist.

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